Sure, that traditional picket fence can keep the neighbor’s dog out of your yard, but what about adding a little personality? Express yourself with one of these unique takes on fencing.

Living Hedges —

Using plants to create natural borders allows homeowners to add privacy and beauty to a yard. Options will vary depending on your region and soil conditions. Check with your county extension officeto find what works best for your area and climate.

Botanical Boundary —

Do you like the idea of a living fence but want to take it a little further? Follow in the footsteps of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and cultivate a cacti fence; it’s beautiful and water-smart at the same time.

Artistic Creation —

Turn everyday objects into a traditional fence style with a little creativity. How about a fence fashioned from recycled skis, metal ceiling tiles or wine bottles

? The options are limited only by your imagination.

Stone Enclosure —

While costlier than recycling old items, stone fencing can be creative and striking. Determine the look you’re after, then consider the best options, whether that’s native stone, mixed material or something in between.

Metal Fencing —

It may not sound like the most innovative material to use in fencing, but metal of all kinds can make an appealing privacy barrier. Wrought iron is a popular choice among homeowners going for a traditional look, while aluminum siding can make a bold, modern statement.

Before making a fencing decision, identify your family’s needs and lifestyle. Your goal — whether it’s to ensure privacy, keep animals and kids contained, or boost property value — can help determine the best choice for your home.

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